Who Likes an Excuse to Visit a Big City?

Following my brother and sister-in-law in Ethiopia!


Training and Time with Our Friends in Addis Ababa

This is how we roll.... This is how we roll….

Good afternoon to our friends and family, we sure miss you all!!! We have just finished up our IST (In Service Training) in Addis Ababa. We had over two weeks of extra trainings to help us be more effective in our roles as Peace Corps Volunteers. The first week was all of the PCVs in a hotel for a time of reconnection. It was great because we had many different trainings during the day, but at night we were able to go get dinner together and catch up. We stayed at the Ghion Hotel in the Bole area of Addis Ababa and it was pretty nice. Evan and I stayed in a bungalow type room (almost as cool as it sounds 😉 ). There was a nice pool and a mini carnival type area behind the…

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